Patman's E91 BMW
Here's how my car is actually looking ...
BMW E91 320d tuning BMW E91 320d tuning BMW E91 320d tuning BMW E91 320d tuning
See the detailed steps which happend to my car ...
BMW E91 320d tuning /// Step #1 : Breyton exhaust tip
Date : 2007 / April / 13

After buying to a top price this exhaust tip, the only possible installation way was to weld it ... That is what we made with my best friend Cédric !

BMW E91 320d tuning /// Step #2 : Blacklines tail lights
Date : 2007 / April / 14

One of the accessories i think that BMW should directly mount on their cars.
The stock taillights are not very nice and looking big fat red.

BMW E91 320d tuning /// Step #3 : 19'' M5 replica wheels, lowering & PMB
Date : 2007 / April / 21

After that my coilovers slept for about 7 months in my cellar, it was time to take them on, summer was fastly coming here in Switzerland in 2007.
Coming in the same time, the M5 relica wheels, the "made in Italy" model, true replica of the M5 wheels. The result is HUGE !!!
And the PMB ... the "angel eyes" color change ... very nice too.

BMW E91 320d tuning /// Step #4 : front splitters & windows tinting
Date : 2007 / June / 25

A great add-on for the front, which give a much more agressive look, without lowering the car like with a Hartge front add-on !

BMW E91 320d tuning engine remap /// Step #5 : Engine remap
Date : 2007 / August / 1st

This is the ULTIMATE thing to do ... announced to 205HP and 440Nm, i received a 206HP and 425Nm dyno test ! I used a very bad quality fuel from Belgium, so with a better diesel quality i can reach EASELY the 430Nm, if not 440 ... And much more HP too in that case.

BMW E91 320d tuning angel eyes /// Step #6 : White angel eyes
Date : 2007 / August / 1st

On step 3 i installed a PMB, something making the angel eyes whiter than stock with a simple lens changing the bulb's color.
I decided to go with a system with a true LED system after finding a great pice on a part (which is not a PIAA or BREX, and 10x cheaper).
Much better looking ...

BMW E91 320d tuning /// Step #7 : M-Sport (M-Tech) Rear bumper & Carbon parts
Date : 2008 / August / 1st

The original rear bumper was too flat for me, i decided to go M-Sport.
The car's color does not make carbon parts too much flashing (like a white car). Anyway ... I choosed to install mirror covers, carbon diffuser (for the M-Sport rear bumper). I did install a shark antenna cover, but did remove it. It was making the navigation bugging (the seller told me that not, but i tried and tested) !?

BMW E91 320d tuning /// Step #8 : Custom quad exhaust tips
Date : 2009 / June / 20th

After having installed the M-Sport rear bumper and the carbon diffuser, the balance was not so perfect. I was always dreaming of a quad exhaust tips, looking something like a M3 exhaust.
After having found a GREAT professionnal guy (he made, a always makes, Lamboghini Diablo, Murcielago exhausts for the Swiss Lamborghini importer and its customers), i decided to let it be made.




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