Patman's E91 LCI BMW (2010)
Here's how my car is actually looking ...
BMW E91 320d tuning BMW E91 LCI 320d tuning BMW E91 LCI 320d tuning BMW E91 LCI 320d tuning
The timeline of my E91 LCI, from buy to actually ... some evolution to see !
/// May 2010 : the car is now mine

The car is a stock car, no "M Sport" outfit, stock one, just the interior is "M" labeled ...

BMW E91 LCI lowered by KW v2 coilovers & M5 replica wheels /// May 2010 : lowering of the car and summer wheels

This part is the one where i re-install quite all the parts i could take back from the non-LCI i had before. 19'' staggered setup summer wheels, and the KWv2 coilovers ...

BMW E91 LCI Quad exhaust tips custom made /// June 2010 : M Sport rear bumper + quad exhausts

Last items coming back from my old E91 (pre-LCI one), the BMW M Sport rear bumper with a custom cut stock diffuser, and, last but not least, the quad exhausts tips (coming back from my old E91 too). Naturally, the bumper had to be painted to the car's color.

BMW E91 LCI LED angel eyes /// January 2011 : LED angel eyes

Removing those ugly yellow-red looking lights (especially on Xenon lights) is a must be done !

BMW E91 LCI matte black grills /// March 2011 : matte black grills + matte black diffuser painting

Taking away this shinny chrome was a second priority. Chrome is not something i especially like on my cars ...

BMW M5 replica wheels matte black /// June 2011 : matte black wheels painting

I decided myself to continue in the matte black by painting my wheels. Firstly because they are so great i wouldn't change and "loose" them, and seconly because i didn't found a set of wheels having such a great concave look.

BMW 320d LCI engine remap 213HP and 487Nm /// April 2012 : engine remap

I made it for my first E91, remap the 2L diesel engine. I made it again, and from the 177HP/390Nm stock performance (by the way it should have 184CV like the seller told me, tell where are the missing 7HP). Now, without forcing the engine, it show 213HP/487Nm ... That is very comfortable to drive, great change by a excellent professionnal who made it.

BMW E91 matte black headlight /// April 2012 : blacked out headlights

THIS is a huge job (which i would not recommend to do, but it was good to do it). I made it with a friend, an old car painter in a body shop. Fully dismounted the headlights, painted them in matte black, and mounted them back on, and on the car. A GORGEOUS effect, NO REGRETS !!!!

BMW E91 T10 W5YW orange LED blinkers /// April 2012 : LED side blinkers

Something is strange my BMW. Headlights includes LED blinkers, rear taillights LED too and side ... halogen bulbs. So i found some T10 WY5W LED ones ... Detail you will tell me ... not so much, because with halogen you see this orange point ... with LED, nothing, just the LED bulb color.

BMW Motorsport M custom license plate /// May 2012 : custom licence plate

Deleted the text that came with, put a lettering and logo found on eBay and here it is

BMW M5 replica wheels with white stripe /// May 2012 : white stripes on the wheels

This was an advice of my friend, the one who helped me to make the blacked out lights. He told me "this would remember the size of the wheels, add some deepness in the look, accentuate the concave in the rear". I was hesitating ... and HE was right, what an effect with few material. The stripes arrived cut in 4 pieces for the 19'' wheels, pre-formed. Quite easy install, huge effect too ...

BMW E90 E91 Performance front bumper /// May 2012 : BMW Performance front bumper & M-Sport sideskirts

The BMW Performance bumper is mounted on the car, and the sideskirts too. I made it my BMW Gottstein in Germany, i tried to see if germans are really as known serious workers .... i had some bad surprises !

BMW E90 E91 Performance front bumper /// September 2014 : BMW Performance intercooler

After upgrading the engine, to give some more air to increase performance could be a great idea ... so i decided to mount the official BMW Peformance Intercooler. It is supposed to add 10 HP more, a dynotest should be planned to check if it's true. Anyway, quite not so easy to mount, but a massive intercooler to refresh !

BMW E90 E91 Performance front bumper /// April 2015 : Black Taillights

For here it's a GREAT visual improvement, but a realy bad story. This part has been unmounted because they are already broken !?
More than half of the LEDs nor working. Bought on eBay by a crappy japanse seller. Visualy it is a "killer". I am really sad that they're borken :-(


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