Patman's E91 LCI BMW (2010)

Welcome on Patman's E91 dedicated homepage ... This is a white & black BMW ... all made of white and matte black !

Those pages are here to give you informations about my new BMW 3 series (called LCI - instead of faclift), made in 2010, called E91. The E91 is the wagon version of the much more known E90. The engine is a 2 liters, the "fuel" is diesel, simply called : 320d.
No AWD, just rear wheels power ... And some inside parts of the M-Sport package ...

My car has been bought in Switzerland, and i live there too ...



2016-01-11 Some update about the intercooler + black taillights
2012-05-19 Small and fast photoshoot, to be seen on Photo Gallery
2012-05-18 BMW Performance bumper installed, BMW M-Sport sideskirts are on the car too
2012-05-14 White stripes are on my black wheels
2012-04-19 The headlights are now blacked out (inside)
2012-04-05 Engine remaped ... 213CV and 487Nm are here !!!!

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